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 "The body must be in a state in which it can fight off cancer by its own immune system in order to truly heal.

  The only way to treat cancer is that where the body is built up.  It must be strong enough to defend itself.  Chemotherapy should only be used to shrink tumors - that is all it is capable of doing and it is its only purpose -that is what it is designed to do.  It should only be used in conjunction  with a program that supports the body as a whole and builds it up. 



In a town under attack, throwing a bomb at the attacking enemies will kill them as well as many of the town's troops.  However, there is nothing preventing more enemies from attacking again.  The way to win the war is to train the town's soldiers, build up walls, and strengthen defenses to be able to fight off any future invaders.

November 2003 I became pregnant.  In January at my first prenatal checkup a lump was found.  It was biopsied and in February '04 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, estrogen receptor positive.  In March I had a lumpectomy removing a 6cm tumor, followed by another surgery to remove more tissue.  During this time the baby was threatening my life, every day he was in me, my cancer grew more.  Doctors would have loved to see me abort the baby, or at least take chemotherapy.  In May I had a mastectomy and lymphectomy - 5 more tumors were found.  Still I persisted on not taking any drugs that might harm the baby.  My oncologist at the time gave up on me.  On July 3rd a healthy Jacob was born - 5 weeks early.  Soon after, the scans showed the cancer metastasized to my liver and bones.  I was given 6 months to live, maybe up to a year if I took a lot of chemotherapy. 

July 27th I went to Baja Nutri Care in Mexico and started on the Gerson therapy.  In October I had another scan showing slight progression.  So, Gerson had put a halt to my cancer, but it needed some help.  In November '04 I started mild chemotherapy.  I never got sick nor lost my hair - no side effects.  I decided to remove my ovaries in June '05 because I continued to have periods even with chemo and Lupron.  I also did not respond well to Tamoxifen and other estrogen stopping drugs.  I stopped chemo in August and was only doing Gerson.  The scan in October showed significant tumor decrease.  My tumor markers continued to go down until December.  This whole time I was riding my bike and chasing kids - feeling very healthy. 

December 12, 2005 my 15yr old sister Courtney was hit by a car.  My tumor markers started slowly going up.  I knew I needed to clear my head so in the beginning of February Albert and I went to OHI and started on a raw foods diet.  I totally stopped Gerson and all my supplements.  My tumor markers shot up like a skyrocket.  I don't want to give the impression that OHI or a raw foods diet is 'bad', it just wasn't right for me.  Stopping all supplements and starving myself when I was already malnourished was a poor decision, so please don't think negatively about the good program they have at OHI.  I do highly recommend it for most people.  The scan in March showed significant tumor progression in my liver, while my bones stayed relatively the same.  April 12 I went to Hawaii and stayed for a week in a Gerson retreat and started back on the program.    Read 'medical' for more details of my story.

Let go and learn to be at peace with whatever circumstances befall you.


God has a plan.  You may not like that plan, but who are you to tell God how things should happen.


You'll need two types of juicers: a Citrus Juicer and regular juicer.

The best way to make non-citrus juice is by the grind and press method.  The best juicer is a Norwalk.  However, it is very expensive.  There is a website where you can buy/sell used Norwalks. After that would be to use a grinder such as a Champion and then a press like the Ito Press.  The K&K juicer has a grinder and a press.  For more information here is a website comparing juicers.


or think you might have cancer??

1. Don't cut.  Biopsies open the tumor up and allow it to spread.  Or, if you must, remove the whole lump - don't leave anything behind to spread.

2. Get an ultrasound, PET scan, CT scan, or blood test for tumor markers.  These are tests that are non-invasive that can tell you if you have tumors.  They are not 100% accurate.  For instance, some people have cancer but their markers don't elevate.  I had a mammogram right before surgery to look at the 6cm tumor, and it was negative! So not all tests work for all people.  But if you do several tests, feel a lump, or think you might have cancer, treat yourself as such.

3. Watch the video "What your doctor wont tell you about cancer"

4. Decide on a cancer therapy.

5. Find a practitioner to assist you.  Depending on the therapy, a practitioner versed in that therapy would be best.  However, a Chinese medicine doctor, naturopathic doctor, etc. can also help.  Get references.

6. Find an oncologist that is open to alternative therapies. 

7. Go through a detoxification program.  [If you decide to take chemotherapy, detox first!!!  You'd never run a marathon without training first; prepare your body for the onslaught of toxins by getting your body in shape first]

8. If one program doesn't work, try another.  Keep remembering that current conventional medicine does not know how to cure cancer.  So monitor yourself with scans, blood work, etc conventionally, but know that only programs like Gerson, macrobiotic diet, raw foods, Chinese medicine, yoga, meditation, mind-body work, etc. can restore health.


Cancer as an opportunity

It may seem strange to view cancer as something positive.  But cancer, like everything else in life, has a purpose  We have the ability to choose how we respond to any situation.  It is how we choose to process our world that determines the quality of our physical world. 

Purpose: Every cell in our body has DNA for a specific purpose except cancer cells.  They lack purpose  I had a woman tell me she got rid of her cancer by finding her purpose and doing the things in life she enjoyed.  So give the cancer a purpose. Perhaps it is there to remind you to reconcile a relationship, or treat your body with respect, or move away from a toxic waste dump.  Whatever that purpose you find for it - and your heart knows what that is -  fulfill that purpose.. i.e. start respecting your body, let go of an old anger, replenish you body with good nutrients.  Then the cancer will have fulfilled its purpose and it can go back to the nothingness from which it came.  Tell it thank you, now it is time to leave.  Patience and persistence may be needed to find the purpose of why the cancer came - you may not yet be ready for the answer.  Perhaps cancer lacks a specific DNA because cancer is different in every person.  No one has the same purpose as to why they got cancer.  Some cancers may be similar, for instance, my estrogen receptor breast cancer is more common.  So may be part or all of its purpose is to correct an estrogen imbalance.  Listen to your body.

Character building: It is my personal  belief that God has a plan for each of us.  We often get angry at God because it is not in line with our plan. We must remember that He created us and (paraphrased from Rick Myatt) how silly it would be for an oil pump to decide it wants to be a coffee maker.  It was designed to be an oil pump.  No matter how badly it desires a different course for its life, its life was preplanned.  With that idea in mind, perhaps cancer is simply a test of our character.  A chance to experience a depth of emotion that we would not otherwise get the opportunity to feel.  I have been able to experience true fear and mortality.  I came to realized there is no fear in death because it is simply the passing into another state of existence, be it heaven or spirit or whatever you will.  Your existence does not end it only changes forms and heaven is nothing to fear.  So, irregardless, the cancer is there.  So it is a test of character to decide what to do with that information.  Choosing fear and anger only makes you fearful and angry, it wont cure your cancer.  In fact, those negative emotions only serve to make it grow.  So choose to accept the challenge, make lemonade out of lemons.  Choose a path to wellness.  Choose to be grateful every day you have life.  Be thankful you've been given the opportunity to evaluate your life and see if it is in line with your values.  It is a chance to reconcile a relationship or do whatever else you still  need to do on earth.

Along my journey I had an oncologist who told me I had six months to live, maybe up to a year if I took a lot of chemotherapy drugs.  She believed my prognosis was bad and I would die soon.  I moved along my journey and found a wonderful oncologist who told me it was up to me when I would die.  He gave me the answer I needed so I have stayed a patient of his.  I held on to my anger at that earlier doctor because I felt she was playing God by dictating the course of peoples lives.  If her patients all die in 6 months then she was killing people to fit into her nice statistical model.  Now I feel sorry for her because I realize along her journey she developed a limiting belief.  The people in this world that know there are no limits have put light bulbs in our homes, brought us to the moon, and allowed us to communicate instantly all over the world.  It is a choice in deciding which type of person you want to be.

My thoughts on Dana Reeve

These are the resources I use to guide me.  They are not related and do not have anything to do with each other.


Gerson Therapy


San Diego Cancer Center

Dr Daniel Vicario, M.D.

Lung cancer is caused by smoking in 4 out 5 cases (women).  That means that 1 in 5 deaths is caused by emotional toxicity instead of environmental toxicity.  As stated in my "straight talk", you must look at both external and internal causes.  Each organ is related to a particular emotion.  The lungs are associated with grief, Liver is anger, Kidney is fear, Heart is joy, etc.  Consequently when I worked on my repressed anger at my mother, my liver got better, but my bones got worse (so it wasn't just the chemo).  Bones are structure/your universe.  However, I have lots of environmental toxins in me to deal with also.

I just looked up some links for further reading on the subject ...

 What do you think has been the most important part of your healing?       

A:  The mental and emotional work.  Releasing of negative emotions such as fear, anger, worry.  Denying negativity to have power over me; not allowing the cancer or drugs to have power over me.   I believe fear is the strongest and most powerful negative emotion.  Remove the fear, trust that whatever happens is God's will.  Believe in miracles.  Realize how much power is in each one of us. 


 This is my favorite cancer charity and the one that will be receiving the proceeds from the RAAM this June.

Here is a picture of last year's RAAM team that raised over $7000 in my name and was donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation


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