Albert has been through A LOT the past couple years.  It takes someone special to be able to endure all that he has been through.  To name a few of the difficulties:

* Erika's decisions on how she chose to treat her illness - very outside of the norm.

* His mother-in-law living in the house for about 2 months last year and one month this year. 

* Raising his sister-in-law for the past 3 years, who is nothing like the other family members (very lazy and disconnected from herself with no hobbies).

* His wife being hospitalized at least 6 times in the past 2 years, most of those being surgeries.

* His wife looking more and more like she lost a fight with a Henckels knife salesman.  Body deformations.


* Living in a chaotic household with 4 children ranging from newborn to teenager.

* Driving the family all the way to Colorado for a family reunion, where several family members were very critical of him because he went for a bike ride - he finally got a chance to have some alone time without worrying about his wife (because there were a lot of other family members there to help her if needed).

* Coffee enemas.

* Having to eat what Erika eats.

* Hundreds of doctor appointments.

* The stress and worry about whether his wife will survive or not, with a very poor conventional medicine prognosis, and no control over it.

* MENOPAUSE - repeated for emphasis!

* A psychotic mother-in-law!

* Sister-in-law in ICU with a bad head injury because she didn't listen to his repeated demands to always wear a helmet.

* Anti-estrogen drugs such as Femara and Aromasin which make the menopause worse and give his wife emotional side effects, such as anxiety or outright bitchiness.

* No vacations, no alone time except on his bike.

* His wife doing random things, like up and going by herself to Hawaii and leaving him with the kids for a week.















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