Courtney's Condition





Courtney's friend Kelly was behind her on her bike and jumped off and ran to her and called 911.  Kelly said there were a whole lot of people on cell phones trying to dial 911 and the person on a landline got through.  I had been sitting in my car in the street in front of my house dialing Courtney's number (waiting for her to get home and calling to find out where she was), when a bystander picked up Courtney's phone and told me an accident happened and where they were.  I got there within a few minutes.  Albert was nearby in his car and got there a couple minutes after me.  We were there when the EMT's put her in a stretcher and put her in an ambulance.  They wouldn't let anyone go with her.  The ambulance drove to ? and transferred her to a helicopter which airlifted her to Children's Hospital. 

When Albert & I got there she was fading in and out of consciousness.  [Big thanks to Kristy Doan for jumping in and taking care of Ben, Meg and Jacob!!!!]. Courtney could say her name and age, but that was about it.  After about an hour in a regular room, the head doctor had her moved into ICU because he said she was less alert then when she had arrived.  The scans showed she had a fractured skull, broken left leg (fibia-tibia) right between her knee and foot, bruised brain and lots of blood in the brain.  She was bleeding out of her ear.  Her eardrum is busted too.  Lots of cuts and scrapes. 

She continued to fade in and out of consciousness for quite a while.  In the ICU they pumped her full of sodium to dry out her head.  That really helped!  All she would say is 'I want water'.  She wouldn't talk about anything else but water. 

Around 9pm Albert leaves to relieve Kristy from watching the kids. Around 1am an orthopedic guy came and he and another guy put a cast on her leg from her toes to her hip.  Around 2am she got a catheter.  (She hadn't peed or pooped since the accident).  Around 2:30 Brandon shows up and relieves me of duty.