Food Facts


What an important fruit for digestion and inflammation reduction.  Eat this when eating meat or other hard to digest food.  This fruit is full of enzymes!


This fruit is a great source of vitamin C.  It also aids digestion, heals ulcers, arthritis, and tissue damage from surgery or disease.


One apple has the antioxidant effect of 1500mg of vitamin C.  Do this experiment: make applesauce in a blender and split into 2 bowls.  Pour vitamin C crystals in one bowl.  Watch what happens.  Now think how that vitamin C antioxidant effect works in your body. You'll realize the importance of vitamin C and fresh fruit.


This vegetable ranks highest among vegetables in folic acid, which is necessary for blood cell formation, growth, and prevention of liver disease. Asparagus is one of the richest sources of rutin, a drug which strengthens capillary walls.  It is also an effective diuretic.