About Me


'Zippi' explained:  If I had been a boy, my mother would have named me Zippy.  Sometime in my elementary school days a friend found out about it and the nickname started.  The name was revived in high school by my friend Jason who called me Zippy the Pen Lady because I had about a dozen pens of different colors with which I would take notes.  I called this site Zippi's because Zippi is more girly than Zippy.Our engagement photo.
Me and my daughter Megan.  I see Pop's car in the background.Graduation day! There's me, Megan and my friend Dennis.  We got our MBA's from San Diego State University.
Me with my mom, Jake, Courtney and Charley on in Glenwood Caverns (Colorado). It's a Legoland birthday party for Ben and Megan.


Here's a photo of my sisters Kimmy and Chrissy with me and my kids.  They came to visit earlier this year.

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This site was last updated 04/18/06