Here I am at about 6 months in utero. I've sure had a lot of attention in here.

My cousin, Krista, came to visit me. Aren't we cute!

Look at my silly big brother. I've got him wrapped around my finger.

This is my dedication at Seacoast Community Church. Ron Speer is holding me.

I'm holding flowers for my great grandma (who is in the background). My grandpa is holding me.

My baptism at St. Patricks Church. I'm with my godparents in the church and the father who baptised me.

That's me and my siblings asleep in the car. I've got the coziest seat.

What a view! I'm in a tram overlooking Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Aren't I the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

At 15 months I'm at 93% for height, 55% for weight, and 95% for head size





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