Kids Health

My kids stay very healthy.  I think Jake has been sick maybe 2 or 3 times in his life.  He got some strange flu-like thing once, I gave him Oscillococcinum and he was fine.  The other time was when he stayed at Grandma's house.  It was the first time away from home without his parents so he was pretty sad.  Both Ben & Megan got sick when Courtney was hit by a car.  In general, it seems my kids get sick when emotional events happen to them (aka stress).  But, in general, like I said, my kids are pretty healthy.  They have strong immune systems.  Here is what we do to keep them healthy:

Eat organic fruits and vegetables

A typical dinner for us is (all organic) fruit, green salad, steamed veggies (broccoli, beets and squash are popular), baked potatoes, hippocrates soup, fresh carrot juice, and then some chicken and beans for Megan.


These supplements are the ones I give my kids - fish oil, probiotics, vitamin C, multivitamin


Homeopathics / Bach Flower Remedies

I also give my kids homeopathics or bach flowers at times.  The ones shown below are just examples, teething tablets for the baby (or any child needing calming); arnica for bruising or muscle soreness; rescue remedy for calming; traumeel for muscle aches; bumps & bruises for of course bumps & bruises.