Life List

Things we'd like to do in our lifetime

Erika's List

  •  Do the hustle - or re-learn some other ballroom dance steps.
  •  Try to windsurf
  •  Visit the opera house in Sydney
  •  Go snow sledding with my kids
  •  Go on a sailing adventure


Courtney's List
  •  Travel to another continent
  •  Do the dances Erika is learning along with the shimmy
  •  Shop at the Mall of America
  •  Learn to play tennis without getting hit
  •  Fly a plane
Pop's List
  •  Get my leg better
  •  Go to Australia
  •  Clean my house
  •  Organize pictures
  •  Get better acquainted with the computer
Albert's List
  •  View the Sistine Chapel
  •  Cycle on the hills of the Giro d'Italia

Kelly's List

  •  Adopt 3 Russian children

  •  Go to Harvard Law School and be roommates with my friend Tori

  •  Get married

  •  Be a lawyer

  •  Design dresses

What's your life list?

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