Hippocrates Soup (the soup we eat every day):

Use a 4-quart pot, fill with the following vegetables, then cover with distilled water:

1 medium celery root (substitute 3-4 stalks of celery)

1 medium parsley root

garlic as desired

2 small leeks

1 1/2 lbs tomatoes or more

2 medium onions

1 lb potatoes

a little parsley


   Do not peel any of these vegetables, just wash and scrub them well and cut them coarsely; simmer slowly for 2 hours, then put through a food mill (see right).  Scarcely any fibers should be left.  Vary the amount of water used for cooking according to taste and desired consistency.  Keep well covered in refrigerator no longer than 2 days. Warm up as much as needed each meal.



Green Juice

Romaine Lettuce

Swiss Chard

Beet Tops


Red Cabbage

Green Bell Pepper



Green Apple



The juicer I use is a Norwalk.  It's real expensive, but it's wonderful!  There's no comparison to other juicers for vegetables juices.